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Playstation Support Number

Contact the Playstation Support Number on 0843 504 9961 Sony have wowed us for years with their innovation in technology. Not least of all for the ever improving Playstation consoles. As with all cutting edge technology, sometimes things go wrong and that's when we as consumers need technical support from the experts. From yellow lights of […]

Sony decides it will offer standalone PlayStation VR preorders

Contact the Playstation Support Number on 0843 504 9961 Sony decides it will offer standalone PlayStation VR preorders PlayStation VR preorders in the US start today at 10am ET (Tuesday March 22nd 2016) however owners of the PS4, who have already amassed a collection of PlayStation peripherals, may want to hold off for a short while […]


PlayStation VR only £349.99 (March 2016)

Contact the Playstation Support Number on 0843 504 9961 The much awaited Playstation VR will arrive in UK stores from October 2016.  The new Virtual Reality system works with for PlayStation 4. Sony has revealed that its headset will cost $399 in the US, roughly £285 in the UK (+ VAT). This price makes it cheaper […]


PlayStation Network Support Number UK

Contact the Playstation Network Support Number UK on 0843 504 9961 The Playstation Network is an system designed by Sony that provides access to online gaming on the PS3 and PS4. You can access the PSN (Playstation Network) by creating a unqiue online User ID and associating it with your email address in order to verify […]

PS5 Release Date

The PlayStation 5 PS5 is in Development…

According to our contacts, the PlayStation 5 is currently in the research and development stage. Whilst it is unlikely to be released this year, the PS5 is almost guaranteed to arrive on our shelves in the not so distant future. We've decided to speculate on what will be included in the latest iteration of the world's […]


Cheap Media Streaming with a PS3

PlayStation Network Down

PlayStation Network Back Online… Maybe?

It's been a pretty horrendous Christmas for anyone who received a brand new PS4 and was looking to play one of the many online games. We've heards stories of tears and tantrums, but ultimately disappointment as the PlayStation Network was effectively rendered useless on Christmas Day and the days which followed. An underground hacking group known […]


PS4 Elite: Dangerous

Are games getting better and better? As we start to get familiar with the capabilities of next generation consoles such as the Xbox One and the PS4, it is obvious that the graphical quality games just keeps getting better and better. But do the games themselves keep getting better and better? We're talking in terms of actual gameplay rather than […]


PS4 Troubleshooting Tips

As the Sony PlayStation 4 is approaching its 1 year anniversary, Contact Number Support is taking a look back at some of the problems that have caused people to contact Sony for technical help with their console. In the first few months after the release of the PS4 in November 2013 there were a few […]