Microsoft invites PS4 gamers onto the Xbox Network

In an intruiging move, Microsoft has unveiled plans to bridge the gap between Xbox and PS4 Gamers. 

Microsoft have thrown down the gauntlet to game developers when it announced that it will be opening it's platform to allow cross-network play. Of course, this is only half the story, because in order for this to work, Sony would also need to open up the PlayStation Network to similar cross-network game development.

Whilst there are no firm agreements in place yet, Sony has now responded to Microsoft's initiative, indicating that it might be open to the idea. 

Sony's response doesn't necessarily mean that it would work directly with Microsoft and developers to enable the support for Microsoft's Xbox One, but Sony have certainly made a statement of intent in that it is prepared to listen to developers who are interested in developing games that allow cross-network play.

One of the hardest decisions a gamer has to make is whether to purchase a Microsoft Xbox or a Sony PlayStation. Sometimes, this decision is guided by the availability of certain games, but more often than not it is guided by the ability to play online with their friends. Currently, online gaming is restricted to each console's specific network, so a PlayStation gamer on the PSN (PlayStation Network) is not able to compete with gamers on the Xbox Network. 

But that may be about to change and for many, this is one step towards the dream becoming a reality.

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Microsoft Xbox Support Number0843 504 0242

PlayStation Support Number0843 504 9961




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