PlayStation Network Support Number UK

Contact the Playstation Network Support Number UK on 0843 504 9961

Calls to this number cost 7ppm plus your network operator’s access charge. This is a call redirect service.

The Playstation Network is an system designed by Sony that provides access to online gaming on the PS3 and PS4. You can access the PSN (Playstation Network) by creating a unqiue online User ID and associating it with your email address in order to verify your account. You can do the first part of this from your PlayStation console, but the email verification must be done on a computer or smartphone before you can access the all the goodies on the PlayStation Network.

Once connected, you can Activate your PS3 or PS4 system thereby saying that you are authorising it to be used for online content such as games and movies. This will provide you with access to thousands of downloadable games, movies and demos – some of which are free. You can only Authorise 2 PlayStations at any one time with a single PlayStation Network Account. This means that you can download and use any of your previously purchased content on either of the Authorised PlayStations. Just go to your Account on the PlayStation XMB and take a look at your Transactions to download previously purchased items.

A word of warning though. If you buy a new console, don't forget to Deauthorise the old one first as it can be a pain to do this without access to the original console. And without deactivating the old console, you won't be able to download any purchased content to your new PlayStation.

Is there a problem with the PSN (PlayStation Network)?

In recent times, this has been asked all over the Internet countless times and rightly so with a couple of newsworthy breaches in security, but you shouldn't always assume that there is a problem with the PlayStaytion Network (PSN). As with any online system, it is worth checking that everything is working at your end prior to thinking that the PSN is down. Here are a few checks you can perform prior to calling the PSN Support Number as the customer support team at Sony will often ask you to do this anyway prior to investigation any issues with the PSN.

  1. Are you signed in to the PlayStation Network? On the XMB go to PlayStation Network. If you see "Account Management" you are signed in otherwise click "Sign In" to connect to eh PlayStation Network. 
  2. If you aren't / can't connect to the PSN, are you able to access other online content on your PlayStation? Try using the PlayStation browser and navigate to a well known and reliable website. If you can access online content, then you PlayStation is connected to the Internet and the problem may well be with the PSN.
  3. If you can't access online content on your PS3 or PS4, can you access the internet on any of the other devices connected to your network? Try your computer, your tablet or your smartphone to see if you can connect. NB Make sure your device is connected to the wired or wireless network. Don't be fooled by connections made by your Sim Card! If you can access the Internet on other connected devices then the problem may be with the PSN or your PlayStation's Wired / Wireless connection. Try rebooting your PlayStation to see if this resolves it – try this a couple of times and leave it off for at least 60 seconds between reboots.
  4. If you can't make an Internet connection with any device then the problem is undoubtedly inside your home. Check your router or Wireless Access point for any loose Network Cables and reboot your router. There is usually a light on your router to inidcate the status of the Internet Connection and the status of your Wireless Broadcast. Check both of these and what they mean in your Router's Manual.

If you feel that the problem is not with your equipment or setup then contact the Playstation Network support number in the UK on 0843 504 9961 

What is the Playstation support number?

The Playstation Network support number in the UK is 0843 504 9961 

By calling 0843 504 9961 you will be connected directly to the official UK playstation network support team for the Sony PSN (Playstation Network) at Sony. Sony recommend that you have the serial number of your console ready before making the call. Choose option 2 to speak about support for the PlayStation Network.

Where do I find my PlayStation serial number?

On the PS3, your serial number can be found on a white sticker located at the rear of the console (where all the cables plug in). On your PS4, the serial number is located just under the model number on the side of the console. It looks like a long barcode and contains both letters and numbers.

What are the customer service opening hours?

Sony Playstation customer services are open from 1030 till 1900 on weekdays and from 1030 till 1900 on Saturday. The best time to call the Playstation support team is at either end of their opening times. Either just after they open or shortly before they close. If you choose the latter, make sure you have enough time to discuss your issue with them! Call them on 0843 504 9961

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